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ROVER is recognized today as one of the leaders of professional instruments and television equipment, not only in Italy, but all over the world. Businesses are made of people, who produce products and services for other people; for ROVER both their customers and staff represent the main players of their success.

Search for new staff

Pos. 1: Analytical accountant expert with  general bookkeeping knowledge
SALES (ENGLISH language required)
Pos. 2: Agents and sales assistants
Pos. 3: Sales support marketing assistants
Pos. 4: Technical customer service
Pos. 5: C and C++ programmers
Pos. 6: Designers and technicians
Pos. 7: IP–TV and triple play experts
Pos. 8: Linux system security expert LAN, SAN and virtual architectures
Pos. 9: CAD–CAE operators (PCB masters) 
Pos. 10: Testing of electronic boards
Pos. 11: Testing of electronic devices
Pos. 12: RADIO–TV board repair
Pos. 13: Production line managers 






Allega Curriculum ( formato PDF )*



* I consent to the treatment, storage and disclosure of my personal information, according to the terms and for the purposes specified in the privacy agreement, which I fully understand, as well as the transfer of this information to Rover Laboratories SpA. I am aware that my consent is necessary in order to use the services offered by Rover.
I would like to receive periodical communications from Rover for technical and promotional purposes. I know that I can revoke this authorization at any time. I am aware that, if I do not request the Newsletter service, I will not be informed about new Software upgrades, which are useful to improve the technical features of my measuring instrument.
* All the areas marked with a red asterisk are obligatory

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