• Optical Power Meter (opt.)
  • Cable Model DOCSIS 3.0 with 4x4 channel Bonding
  • Alpha Numerical Keyboard
  • Very rugged & Easy-to-use
  • High Battery Capacity
  • Frequency range from 4 to 1000 MHz extended CATV and GSM telephone bands
  • Digital RF measurements 4 MHz to 1 GHz including average power/level, pre/post BER, MER, Noise Margin, spectral analysis, and constellation
  • INGRESS mode and LEAKAGE mode, BARS SCAN and TILT
  • DOCSIS 3.0 upstream and downstream capabilities, 4 x 4 channels with automatic lock to CMTS, for complete modem installation testing for both forward and return path analysis
  • Ping report, Network IP configuration
  • Lost Packet measurements, latency time and PER
  • DOCSIS upstream tone generator 5–65 MHz
  • Optional OPTICAL POWER METER with interchangeable FC-ST-SC connector for fiber optics testing (FTTH & FTTX) and troubleshooting
  • Leakage Signal Identification (KFG) approved in Germany
  • User definable channel scan testing /logging with automatic quality analysis: FAIL-PASS
  • Assisted navigation, memory plans & automatic channel scan
  • MASTER Plan, CUSTOM Plan & Data Logger
  • Available with all world-wide channel plans
  • Full featured rugged 64x128 pixel high-brightness display for in-depth signal analysis and troubleshooting
  • Alpha/numeric keypad for direct channel/frequency selection
  • SMART software PC interface for meter upgrades, channel plans and AutoScan testing/logging management
  • 12-Volt AC/DC charging with Auto-off for battery saving operation
  • Supplied with bag for transport, mains adapter and 12V vehicle adapter
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